While students are taking their final exams and handing in their final papers, the schedule for the course is pretty much done, with some minor details to be determined while we will be in Panzano. Check it out here. Many people to meet. Diana, who will be teaching Elementary Italian; Nicola, who will be teaching aesthetics of food during our third week; our hosts Valeria and Luca, Vicky and Guido, Rosalba, and Giulia; butcher Dario Cecchini and his wife Kim; butcher Andrea Falaschi; producers of wine, cheese, olive oil, honey, etc.; Lele and Mimma, who will give us cooking classes once a week; friends and family. Looking forward to a focused and fulfilling teaching experience.

Memories of the past lead us into the future. Here is a shot from a Sunday morning walk during my stay in Panzano in May-June 2013. Stay tuned from updates starting from next week!



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